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Future Nature — About

Lucy Evans

Co-Founder | PR Lead
I recently had an epiphany - that I am a jack of many trades, and master of some. I am incredibly grateful that I have been able to evolve a career over two decades, helping shape and build brands I am passionate about. At different stages I've been immersed in music, design, even food & drink - but most consistently fashion has run alongside sport and outdoors.

My design history degree instilled a respect for brands that prioritise longevity and authenticity. From working with the Crafts Council to long-term clients such as Barbour and Savile Row design house Richard James, I have sought out brands made to last.

The birth of my son in 2009 was a milestone. Eating organic evolved into choosing paraben, toxin and palm oil free products, and then to the launch of a second business, an ecommerce site, Vintage Seekers - promoting circularity over buying new.

Growing inner conflict over 'what I do' grew into the decision to co-found Future Nature; utilising our connections, knowledge and energy to work with clients from the inside to drive change faster.
Future Nature — About

Grace Young

Co-Founder | Sustainability Lead
I’m a patchwork careerist. I’ve worked across many sectors and industries in the last 15 years, from social enterprise and start up ecommerce to fine art auctioneers and environmental charities. In each context my aim was to develop an audience around a single mission, charitable aim or product. Straddling the public and private sectors has instilled in me a permanent fascination and hope about where they intersect, and what lies between. The notion of business for good, for a greater purpose than itself, has always inspired me.

Profoundly concerned about the deepening environmental, societal and ecological global crises, in 2016 I enrolled in an MA for sustainable development. Then an invaluable year with the Soil Association developed my knowledge of agroecology, climate change and soil science. When 2020 landed and the world changed forever, Lucy and I knew the moment was right. We set up Future Nature aware there was no more time to lose. It’s time to put our tenacity and experience to good use.


Starting where you are

We recognise a good business when we see one. We exist to ensure that great businesses not only survive, but thrive, in the transition we all must make to a sustainable future. We consult and guide from the inside, helping brand owners navigate change authentically and in a way that adds to their story.


Everything is connected

We create communication strategies that influence minds and change habits, disrupting our conditioning from take-make-waste, to circularity. We are part of a future that's designing out endless consumption, keeping the cycle of reuse not only in motion - but desirable too.


Many heads

There is no tick box approach to becoming sustainable. It's complex and our response to the climate and ecological emergency is evolving all the time. That's why we are a growing collective of designers, farmers, academics, technologists and like-minded changemakers. When you hire us, you don’t just gain our team, you access our network.


Technology alone is not the answer

We know that a healthy planet for future generations is only possible if we work with nature and allow ecosystems to recover and natural resources to regenerate. Nature-based solutions are at the heart of our approach.





“The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.” - Eve Balfour, Founder of the Soil Association