South West England Fibreshed | Press Campaign

South West England Fibreshed

In spring 2021, we worked with South West England Fibreshed (SWEF) to champion the launch of short film 'Reconnecting Fashion to Farming' through PR and strategic partnerships.

The project was designed to raise awareness of the existing, broken system between fashion and farming, to promote SWEF in the UK and introduce the concept of ‘locally grown clothes’.  

We identified organisations in the sustainable fashion and farming communities that would provide a platform to showcase the short film to their relevant audiences. We then secured a partnership with the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF), which works alongside the British Fashion Council, to celebrate industry best practice and encourage future business decisions to create positive change.  

Our team created a press release to highlight the film and upcoming showcase with the IPF and LFW. Media outreach ensured that SWEF and the film were on the radar of key fashion and sustainability journalists.


The IPF partnership we secured enabled the work of SWEF to be championed as part of the Innovations Showcase at the IPF Forum in June, an event attended by over 170 key industry, government, and business leaders. In the same month, the 'Reconnecting Fashion to Farming' film was showcased as part of the schedule at Digital London Fashion Week and has subsequently achieved over 6.6k views via YouTube so far. 

Media coverage on the IPF and London Fashion Week which included SWEF in titles such as the Independent and the BFC and LFW social channels reached over 26 million people.  

Future Nature — Reconnecting Fashion & Farming Film Launch