Richard James | VIP Placement

Richard James

Savile Row tailor, Richard James, instructed us to identify and target global talent that reflected the brand's luxury but off-beat image. Richard James was looking for us to build relationships with emerging actors and musicians who connect with the next generation of suit wearers. In addition, we needed to perpetuate the brand’s visibility amongst established talent and stylists, solidifying the brand's position as the go-to contemporary brand on Savile Row.


We are confident in saying that we have built a global network of VIP and talent stylists based predominantly within the UK and US. This network has allowed us to proactively place Richard James' product on some of the most recognisable and exciting emerging names in film and music. 
Some of our proudest placements include:
Michael Ward, Andrew Garfield, Stormzy, Tom Hardy, Knucks, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Theo James, Ismael Cordova, Maxim Baldry, Charlie Heaton, Kit Young and Ewan McGregor.

Future Nature — Richard James VIP Placement